About Us

The mandate of the CPMC is as follows

  • To collaborate with key agencies of Government including but not limited to the Ministry of Tourism, Investment, Culture and Information, Events Company of Saint Lucia Inc. (ECSL), the Cultural Development Foundation (CDF), Saint Lucia Tourism Authority and Export Saint Lucia for national carnival events, such as the Parade of the Bands, Calypso Monarch and Soca Monarch competitions, King and Queen of the Bands and the Carnival Queen Show;
  • To work with carnival, Stakeholders to provide the necessary qualified and reliable personnel and other resources to permit the efficient production of these events
  • To provide all marketing and public relations and promotions for the events, in collaboration with Saint Lucia Tourism Authority;
  • To identify and provide requirements for the hosting of carnival events, through the establishment of the appropriate sub-committees and determination of their mandate, jurisdiction and operation procedures; and
  • To review proposals from prospective providers of goods and services for the awards of contracts;

The CPMC shall comprise of the following:

  • A Chairperson - to be appointed by the Minister with responsibility for Creative Industries and Culture;
  • Four (4) persons to be appointed by the Minister;
  • Recording Secretary;
  • Ex-Officio - Representative from the Ministry of with responsibility for Creative Industries and Culture;
  • Ex-Officio - Representative from the Department of Finance;
  • Ex- Officio - Representative from the Cultural Development Foundation (CDF);
  • Ex-Officio Representative from the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority (SLTA);
  • Ex-officio - Representative from the events Company of St. Lucia >Inc.

Composition of CPMC Committee

Tamara Gibson – Chairperson

Imran Emmanuel – Ministry of Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture, and Information

Christopher Gustave – Saint Lucia Tourism Authority

Kayode Francios – Events Company of Saint Lucia

Tyrone Harris – Cultural Development Foundation

Barry George - Carnival Bands Association   

Perline Mathurin –  Saint Lucia National Steelbands Association  

Claude Paul – Carnival Music Management Committee   

Supt. Benson Deterville -   Royal Saint Lucia Police Force Department

Glenfield Gilbert – Export St. Lucia