Calypso Monarch - 2024

Rank Calypsonian Tent Points
Winner Dezral Fire One 785
1st Runner- Up TC Brown Kaiso Pro’s Tent 736
2nd Runner- Up Menell South Calypso Tent 734
3rd Runner- Up Herb Black TOT/Soca Village 733

King & Queen of the Bands - 2024

Queen of the Band

Rank Band Portrayal Carrier Score
Winner Tribe of Twel Sisters in the Stream, Rituals of Faith and Fellowship Sharon Tanner 438
1st Runner- Up Tribe of Twel Rivers of Blood and Memory Kim Desir 411
2nd Runner- Up Xuvo Siri Maier Sifflet 400
3rd Runner-Up Fuzion Mas Ti Fiti and the Dragon Lady Rosemary Harris 385

King of the Band

Rank Band Portrayal Carrier Score
Winner Fuzion Mas Drogon King of Dragons, Protector of The Realm Giovanni St. Omer 439
1st Runner- Up Tribe of Twel Exodus 14 Jordan Augier 425
2nd Runner- Up Xuvo Pred8or Lamar Sifflet 415
3rd Runner-Up Island Tribe Leave the World Behind Cedrik Laurent 384

Panorama - 2024

Rank Steel Orchestra Points Rendition
Winner Courts Babonneau Steel Orchestra 261 We Shall Hop - Jaunty
1st Runner- Up Pantastic Muzik Steel Orchestra 249.5 William Peter - Invader
2nd Runner- Up Pantime Steel Orchestra 249 We Rule - Reasons

Soca Monarch - 2024

Groovy Soca Monarch
Rank Artist Song
Winner Sly Damn Proud Lucian
1st Runner- Up Arthur Allain Seven Times
2nd Runner- Up Ricky T It’s Not Your Turn
3rd Runner- Up Imran Nerdy Money
Rank Artist Song
Winner Ricky T Look Something To Talk About
1st Runner- Up Ezra D’ Funmachine BeYoutiful
2nd Runner- Up Bronxx, Matta, and Ricky T Better Than Them
3rd Runner- Up Imran Nerdy Start Di Party

Inter-commercial Calypso Competition - 2024

  • 1st Place – Saint Lucia Workers Credit Union – Erny J
  • 2nd Place – WASCO – Lady J
  • 3rd Place – CPJ - Trevon & Matthius
  • 4th Place – The Landings Resort & Residences - Pretty Darkie

Carnival Queen Pageant - 2024

2024 National Carnival Queen – Shan Lucien, Miss Bounty Rum

1st Runner Up - Menella Sebaram, Miss Caribbean Galaxy & Real Estate

2nd Runner Up - Anneka Thompson, Miss Bank of Saint Lucia

3rd Runner Up - Tunisia President – Miss Pierre Marcel

Schools Calypso Competition - 2024


Position School Calypsonian  
Winner Mongouge Combined Kenyan Osman
1st Runner- Up Ave Maria Girls Primary Zalaya Fanis
2nd Runner- Up Carmen Renee Memorial Keemarah Marius
2nd Runner- Up RC Boys Infant Caleb John



Position School Calypsonian  
Winner Sir Ira Simmons Yandi James
1st Runner- Up Micoud Evany Francis
2nd Runner- Up Castries Comprehensive Serona Toussaint
2nd Runner- Up Bocage Caiden Poleon