2024  - Qualifiers

Groovy Soca Qualifiers

# Artist Song Title
1 Carlton CR Roberts Ah Happy
2 Ezra D’ Funmachine Sèlibwèy
3 Jiggy & Ezra D’ Funmachine Movè
4 Kisha Kay By Myself
5 Imran Nerdy Money
6 Mantius Royal
7 Ricky T Just your Turn
8 Sly Damn Proud Lucian
9 Ti Blacks Seasons


Power Soca Qualifiers

# Artist Song Title
1 Bronxx, Mata, Ricky T Better Than Them
2 Ezra D’ Funmachine BeYoutiful
3 Kisha Kay, Nicole David  It's Carnival
4 Mantius Any Ting
5 Orion Good Day
6 Ricky T Look Something To Talk About
7 Sedale, Mata, Bronxx More Rum
8 Siah Money Behaviour
9 Sly Breakaway

Calypso Monarch Finalists

# Calypsonian Song Title Song Title
1 Dezral De Biggest Gun A Wish For Fish
2 Educator Youth Economy Vaccine For Crime
3 Gamtion Clone that Man White Lady
4 Herb Black Sing for Them Get Up And Walk
5 Menell One Vision One Caribbean Diary Of A Woman
6 Mica No Hearts Text Lingo
7 Solange Last Man Standing Fadda Facts
8 TC Brown Fillip De Spirit of St. Lucia
9 Ti Carro Don't Play With A Minor Ah Doing It For Slavery